Land Gorilla Core Services

Load Administration

Land Gorilla offers Construction Loan Administration Services for loans originated and under written by our clients. Using the Land Gorilla Construction Loan Manager© system...


Land Gorilla is the industry leader in construction progress inspections. Our National panel of inspectors are made of industry tradesmen, licensed appraisers and professional...


Start every project knowing it's feasible and fundable with a project review. Project reviews include analysis of the construction contract, plans, speciation's, appraisal, construction...


Land Gorilla has a portfolio of collateral valuation products to suite your construction needs. Proposed construction appraisals, Broker Price Opinions, Desktop Valuations...


Determine the builders qualifications before you go to contract. Land Gorilla builder acceptance reviews are based off the client's builder questionnaire and include trade reference verification and...


The Land Gorilla construction underwriter will subjectively analyze the construction related documents and costs to the lenders construction underwriting guidelines and acceptance...

Loan Program

Land Gorilla Loan Program Development is a hands on consulting process designed to offer a customized solution to lenders in need of construction or renovation loan programs. Our solution....

203(k) & HomeStyle

Avoid the costly back office support necessary to review and administer the FHA 203K & Fannie Mae HomeStyle Renovation products. Land Gorilla's experienced renovation administration department...

Construction Loan Manager© (software)

Land Gorilla is an industry leader in Construction Risk Management. Our Construction Loan Manager© software picks up where loan origination systems stop. Manage the risk and service construction loans from our proprietary web based platform with the ability to access your pipeline 24/7/365. The Construction Loan Manager© is Ideal for residential or commercial, new construction or renovation. The Land Gorilla Construction Loan Manager© is designed to complement your system of record and accounting platform. Key features that are available include pipeline-style loan management, construction budget monitoring, draw processing, disbursement reporting, work order change monitoring, retainage/hold back features, interest reserve management, fixed rate and adjustable rate interest settings, interest billing statements generations, and .......


Land Gorilla's Construction Loan Management (CLM) software and service has allowed our construction program to grow and scale with our channel production. Our administration team can manage twice the amount of construction loans with enhanced management controls, reporting and better service. No other system we looked at was able to offer the same features and availability we were looking for. I highly recommend using Land Gorillas Construction Loan Management software and services.
--- Michael Stevens | Construction & Renovation Division Manager
Land Gorilla's proposed construction and After Repair Valuation appraisals have helped grow our program and pull through rate. Having an AMC that specializes in construction and renovation is a must have for any lender operating in this space.
--- Joyce McCarthy | Builder Relationship Manager | Construction Lending Manager
You will not find a better solution for your construction lending program. I have been in construction lending for over 30 years and I value the experience that the Land Gorilla team brings to the table. Take it from an industry veteran, you will not find a better company to manage your construction loans!
--- Bill Baker | SVP of Commercial Lending

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