Introducing the New and Improved Document Center

File management just got easier. The all new Document Center by Land Gorilla gives you full control over your file organization. 

Thanks to all of your feedback, the hundreds of documents that pile up over the life of your construction loans now have a new home.  

The all new Document Center allows customers to easily create folders and organize files with drag and drop functionality; and preview tools for quick file reference.

Creating folders gives you full control over how you organize your file system. Whether your construction loans have 5 draws or twenty, folders will help you keep better track of each file's location.

Building off the existing document center in the Construction Loan Manager, the new release enables more drag and drop functionality, from uploading multiple documents to re-ordering files within folders, that is designed specifically to give you more flexibility with how you organize your file system. 

Take hold of your files and arrange them in whichever order suits your needs. This feature comes in quite handy (pun intended) when a specific file sequence is needed outside the standard date/time sorting.  You can even grab multiple files and throw them into a folder of your choosing without them getting cluttered. 


Permission setting gives you control over visibility of each document. Access is set when files are uploaded to the Document Center and can be edited individually at anytime by clicking on the lock icon. 

The preview tool enables you to view files for quick reference without needing to open the file in a separate application. Just in case you need to double check a file before you take action, click the Eyeball Icon to take a look!

The fully redesigned Document Center has been successfully rolled out for our customers on the Construction Loan Manager platform. For more details on how you can to use the Document Center, check out our support article here.

Stay tuned for more features that help streamline your construction lending process! In the meantime, let us know what you think in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading!