Construction Inspection Services

Land Gorilla is an industry leader in construction progress inspections which can be easily ordered directly through the Construction Loan Manager. Our service level requirements produce quality and timely reports while keeping clients updated in real time with email notifications on scheduling, expected completion, quality control, and delivery. 


Land Gorilla offers a series of inspection and appraisal products related to construction and renovation including 1004D/442 Completion Reports or HUD Compliance Inspections. Clients can order inspections from approved FEE appraisers or, for more comprehensive reporting for construction & renovation projects, utilize the Land Gorilla Progress Inspection Report.


24 Hour Average Turn Time

Custom Reporting Features

Reporting Data Exceeds Industry Standards


Inspection Method

Land Gorilla progress inspections are based on the “percentage of line item completion” method and the clients approved construction budget. Additionally, the report includes interior and exterior photo addendum and observation notes.


CONSTRUCTION Inspection Workflow

Each Land Gorilla progress inspection is reviewed by our experienced construction department and receives our final approval before delivery to the client. All completed reports are sent via pdf format through our secure web delivery system.

I have been in this business a long time and working with Land Gorilla is a pleasure. They are real people who care and provide understanding and support needed when we encounter a problem in the field. I really mean it - Land Gorilla is the BEST!!
— MaryJo Brady - Inspector