Marketing Manager

Job Description

JOB TITLE: Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager is responsible for planning, directing, coordinating and executing the marketing of Land Gorilla’s products and services. This individual is responsible for ensuring all Land Gorilla’s branded products, services and product lines are uniform in print and messaging, and resonate with current and potential customers and employees. The Marketing Manager performs data analysis in order to measure and report on the impact of marketing campaigns and initiatives.


  • Establishes marketing goals to ensure expectations are clearly outlined.
  • Works with Operations to develop a strategy and plan for impactful events and trade shows to attend, marketing product and services based on goals and objectives.
  • Develops a product roadmap, marketing calendar, editorial calendar and email schedule based on strategy and marketing objectives.
  • Defines and applies for accolades and awards to pursue in line with strategy and objectives.
  • Persona development in order to create target market, marketing strategies and objectives.
  • Develops and executes marketing plans and programs to ensure the profit growth and expansion of Land Gorilla.
  • Plans and oversees the organization's advertising and promotion activities, including print and electronic outlets.
  • Leverage advertising channels to drive qualified traffic to our lead generation pages.
  • Responsible to refine SEO, content syndication, email marketing and other avenues to increase the presence and visibility of Land Gorilla in the virtual market place.
  • Develops white papers, PPC advertising and other content development in line with strategies and goals.
  • Focused on conversion rate optimization of Land Gorilla site and products.
  • Develop, monitor, analyze and report on the Land Gorilla Marketing Sales Funnel.
  • Utilize Google Analytics to create reports and feedback on SEO activities and content syndication.
  • Generates surveys to collect valuable customer and vendor feedback and data.
  • Develops A/B testing to refine client & vendor user experience.
  • Manage and track leads.
  • Prepares marketing activity reports.
  • Responsible to lead brand development and logo design.
  • Integrates look and feel of branding into the website and customer experience.
  • Translates the brand’s look and feel into internal buy-in and team culture.
  • Consult with Operations on product specification such as design, color and packaging.
  • Collaborate with sales and operations to develop strategic activities and implement the execution of identified opportunities.


  • Excellent written and verbal skills
  • Organization and planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Ability to think creatively and innovatively
  • Budget-management skills and proficiency
  • Analytical skills

This job description is not exhaustive and the job holder may be required to undertake additional duties from time to time to ensure the smooth running of the departments.