Construction Loan Product Development

This robust program allows lenders of any size to develop a construction lending program and manage the risk associated with construction lending. Clients will have the ability to originate, underwrite, close and administer construction loans. Additionally, Lender’s will have the risk management policies, procedures, documents and best practices necessary to offer the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, USDA, VA and Jumbo Portfolio construction loan products.

Who is Product Development ideal For?

Our construction-lending program development is designed to be a turnkey solution for lenders looking for guidance in developing a new construction lending program or well established lenders looking for additional risk management control. 

This program is ideal for the client who wishes to protect their physical, legal and financial interests in real property. It is designed to complement the Construction Loan Manager by Land Gorilla (SAAS) - the premier cloud-based platform for post-close construction administration.


Land Gorilla’s Construction Loan Program is developed by experienced industry professionals that understand the risk associated with vertical construction lending. Loan program development provides a level of transparency into the process of construction lending and adds exceptional value for lenders that prefer to maximize their time and resources rather than developing a program from scratch.


The following items are prepared to assist a Lender in the development of a new construction lending program. Product development services are available for all Conventional, Agency, and Portfolio construction loan products. 

  • Construction Risk Management Policy
  • Lender’s Consumer Construction Information Packet
  • Lender’s Origination Training Information Presentation
  • Construction Loan Calculation Worksheet
  • Lender’s General Contractor Acceptance
  • Draw Administration Policies & Procedures
  • Lender’s Customized Construction Loan Agreement (CLA)
  • Riders to the Deed of Trust and/or Modifications to the Note
  • Lender’s Assignments