Construction Project Reviews

know your next project is feasible before it starts

Projects of any scale deserve a thorough analysis to enhance the underwriting process and ensure successful project execution. Let us examine the details so you can address the risks, structure better loans, and increase efficiency - before you break ground.

The purpose of Project Reviews is to enhance the underwriting process by providing you with the insights needed to:

Identify  key Risks

Structure  Better Loans

Increase Efficiency


Designed specifically for residential construction projects, the Summary Project Review consists of a detailed construction budget check for exclusions and omissions; construction contract audit of 27 critical requirements; and verification of the borrower's permits with the issuing entity.  


    We deliver our analysis in a crisp, succinct narrative that allows you to develop a deep understanding of your project; significantly improving the underwriting and structuring process. We strive for transparency by displaying our work in detailed exhibits and appendices for easy cross-reference.

    Land Gorilla project reviews are designed to inform the lender of project readiness, local costing variances, contract key-points, appraisal discrepancies and potential issues with general feasibility. The project review does not warrant or guarantee that the project will be completed by the builder and does not alleviate the lender/client of any financial responsibility associated with the loan transaction.