Streamline your construction lending workflow and manage 3.5x more loans with built-in automation tools.


View the status of your entire loan pipeline along with alerts, pending tasks and project summary.


Manage every aspect of your pipeline.
Grant permission based user access to allow customized user experiences.


onboard your loans in seconds

Reduce your duplication errors from the start. Upload loan files in seconds without the costly mistakes.

Multiple upload capabilities allows you to scale depending on your loan volume.


Document Center

Easily create folders and organize construction loan project files with drag and drop functionality; and preview tools for quick file reference.

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Easily manage and track the progress of every project down to the details including transactions, change order, draw requests, and budget.



Custom Reports

Reconciliation made easy. Make friends with your accounting department.

Generate hundreds of custom reports in minutes to measure anything. Just ask the reporting tool!



Connect With Encompass

Access the most powerful construction loan management tools available - directly through Encompass®.

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Key Benefits & Features

  • Pipeline-style loan management
  • Order Management System (order, track, deliver & review)
  • Line item construction budget tracking
  • Contractor acceptance database with
  • Risk monitoring
  • Draw processing & management
  • Disbursement reporting
  • Change order processing & management
  • Retainage/hold back features
  • Interest reserve tracking Auto Pay
  • Interim Construction Servicing Module
  • Custom reporting Pipeline and Loan level
  • Monthly interest billing statements
  • Document storage with folders
  • White Label web portals providing branded experience for borrowers & contractors 
  • Investor and warehouse bank access
  • Direct Encompass integration
  • Customized LOS integration
  • Customized accounting
  • 203k consultant controls
  • HUD 203k features
  • Draw admin service level monitoring
  • Flood compliance features
  • Loan level notes log
  • Lien waiver document tracking
  • Risk warnings
  • Pipeline alerts & tags
  • Permission based user settings

The Construction Loan Manager® platform integrates with your existing client facing website and enables a  branded experience for your borrowers and builders. Permission based user experience will allow limited access for users to view and track their construction or renovation loan(s), in addition to requesting draws, work order changes and viewing inspections. The builder/borrower portal saves time, energy and money for lender administration. 

Land Gorilla’s Construction Loan Management (CLM) software and service has allowed our construction program to grow and scale with our channel production. Our administration team can manage twice the amount of construction loans with enhanced management controls, reporting and better service. No other system we looked at was able to offer the same features and availability we were looking for. I highly recommend using Land Gorillas Construction Loan Management software and services.
— Michael Stevens | Construction & Renovation Division Manager